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The ten most recent additions to Free Play Games.

Flirty Franky Free Play GameFlirty Franky
It sounds vaguely like the main character is arranging himself a foursome, not necessarily with the prior permission of everyone involved. Flirty Franky has requested blind dates with three girls and all of them have accepted. Help Franky to arrive safe and sound to his dates by avoiding all the obstacles in his way. Go, Franky! In reality, the storyline has bugger all to do with the game which involves helping Franky to jump and slide his way around a number of things that will squish him. Meh.
Free Arcade Games > A-F

Cosmic Clean
Sonic Simon is back and he has brought a friend, Sonic Sophie. This time he is taking the mission for sparkling teeth to space. When you have successfully polished one world of grubby alien teeth, it's off to the next world. Avoid nasty junk food and use the 'Sonicare for kids toothbrush spaceship' to blast away any junk food.
Free Arcade Games > Kids

This is one for jigsaw puzzle lovers. JigZone is a really nice collection of free online jigsaws. They're really easy to get to grips with but they're just as difficult as any real jigsaw would be. These online jigsaws include a 'solve' facility if things are getting too difficult.
Free Puzzle Games > G-L

The Vault Job
Stop the burglars who are trying to steal the content of the vault. Make sure the vault door is closed by removing correct blocks and security guards. Use your mouse to delete blocks, security guards and move levers.
Free Puzzle Games > S-Z

Rolling Tires 3
Physics based puzzle game. Your goal is to change the car's tire in every level. Use your logical thinking and timing skills to complete the game.
Free Puzzle Games > M-R

Free Kick Duel
Shoot from various positions on the field bending it over and around the wall. It's you against a big name player. First to score three goals wins. Not bad.
Free Simulation Games > Sports

Jelly Pop
Swap the jelly to make it pop anywhere on the line, either horizontally or vertically. Jelly Pop is a fun enough Bejeweled-style puzzle game with four game modes.
Free Puzzle Games > G-L

Auto Smash
Reckless City motorists do not believe in traffic rules, until one day. An innocent little pedestrian girl just got her lovely bicycle destroyed by an oncoming car. In vengeance, she tosses her mighty branded footwear at the big shiny automobiles with mayhem and total destruction in mind. That's the description, anyway and if it sounds weird that's because it is.
Free Arcade Games

Cats vs Mice
You're the cats and you want to conquer the land of the mice through 15 levels of increasing difficulty. Your goal is to capture a maximum of houses the fastest you can. Be strategic or the mice will take over! There are a few pages of instructions to read through so it's not a game for you if you can't be bothered to read them 'cos that's what we did and we had NO idea wtf was going on. Cool music to jig along to though.
Free Simulation Games > Strategy

Parisian Girl
A basic 'dress up' game where your role is to dress up a Parisian girl before she goes out shopping. Dress her with French style and make her look like a princess. The background music will drive you potty - you can switch it off but there's no 'luxury' of volume control if you want to keep it on. Which you won't.
Free Arcade Games > Kids

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